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Luciana Salazar surprised in public with her new boyfriend

Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado

Luciana Salazar he finds himself starring in a hard moment in his private life and a media scandal with Martin Redrado, his former partner. The model and the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina they are facing a lawsuit for “harassment and insults” and for breach of intimate agreements.

Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado (web/)

He seeks to hurt. I can’t believe a person would do that to a like an attitude that one could say as a psychopath” expressed the model with great pain at the economist’s request to reconnect with Matildaher daughter, after distancing herself from the minor.

How is the photo of Luciana Salazar with her new boyfriend

It is in this context that, Luciana Salazar was surprised in public with her new partner and your friend Martin Baclini. The photograph was captured by a paparazzi from the television program LAM, who shared the scoop through instagram stories.

Luciana Salazar’s photo with her new boyfriend (Screenshot/)

Although Luciana has not yet confirmed the romance, Marcelo Polino who is a friend of the model declared in the midst of the scandal with Martín Redrado “Let’s talk about the one now that is very good. He is a person who is very well economically. Has life figured out”.

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