Lucius Dupuy

The crime of Lucius Dupuy shocked the country in November of last year and almost six months later a special gift arrived for his grandfather, Ramón, which moved him to tears. The family gave him a a stuffed animal with the voice of Lucio and upon hearing it, the man broke down.

The moving video was uploaded by Lucio Dupuy’s father to his social networks. Ramón’s daughter appears there and gives him the gift: “It was sent to you by a person who loves you very much.”

And the excitement was not long in coming. After taking out the stuffed animal, he presses the button on the doll and Lucio’s voice is heard, which caused the grandfather to cry immediately, who hugged the stuffed animal with all his strength and filled the stuffed animal with kisses.

“We want to give you this surprise so that have a little comfort and joy”, Says the card with the gift that was a doll of a boy dressed in the Boca shirt.

The video of Lucio Dupuy that demonstrates the mistreatment he suffered

Lucius Dupuy.

The crime of Lucius Dupuy

Lucio, 5 years old, died on Friday, November 26 at night after being beaten and for the crime they were arrested his mother, Magdalena Espósito Valenti (24) and her partner Abigail Páez (27)who are under pre-trial detention and charged with the act (crime of triple aggravated sexual abuse)the first accused of “murder qualified by the link” and the second for “simple homicide”.

Lucius Dupuy Murder
Those accused of the death of Lucio Dupuy.


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