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The President of the Dominican Republic shared a message on Twitter saying goodbye to the Cuban cat-author Pablo Milanesdied this Monday at the age of 79 in the city of Madrid, Spain, where he had lived since 2017.

“We lost a voice that made us dream dreams of love and justice. That made us sing and think about what we sang. Pablo Milanés left us. Peace to his soul! I bid him farewell with my favorite song:How much I won, how much I lost“, wrote the head of the Dominican Government.

Luis Abinader, President of the Dominican Republic. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Like him, other leaders highlighted the artist’s legacy and lamented his death. The Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, published on social networks: “Pablo has died, we read when we wake up this Tuesday in #Russia -where he is on an official trip- and the pain comes with the news”.

“One of our greatest musicians physically disappears – he continues -. Inseparable voice from the soundtrack of our generation. My condolences to his widow and children, to Cuba”.

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The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The head of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sanchezused one of the songs from the singer-songwriter to regret his death. “We will step on the streets again and we will mourn the absent in your name. The music of Pablo Milanes will always be with us. She gave voice to the life and feelings of an entire generation. Forever in our memory,” she wrote.

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Pedro Sanchez. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

“A great one died,” he lamented Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorpresident of Mexico after learning of the death of Pablo Milanes.

“We begin by sending a hug to relatives, friends, classmates, Pablo Milanes who passed away, a great singer-songwriter that many listened to his songs, many of us benefited from his music and it is a very unfortunate loss for the world of music for trova, a whole era for Pablo, Pablito as they knew him”, the Mexican president also expressed.

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Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

The Colombian President, Gustavo Petro added to the wave of reactions of sadness for the death of the singer-songwriterand it was through his social networks that the Colombian president praised the work of Milanés.

“Music in theory and practice, the search for art in it must be studied in our public schools. This is how the sensitivity of a society and its growth is achieved. Art is part of Peace, Goodbye to Pablo Milanes, the poet, ”it is read on his social network where he also wrote:“ He has gone Pablo Milanes. Art abandons music”.

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Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

other reactions

In the world of music, Spanish Alejandro Sanz He reacted from affection with a warm message. “Dear Pablo, it makes me angry that you’re gone but so happy that you’ve been there. Thank you for your music.”

The Spanish singer Rozalen expressed his regret with a photograph next to Pablo Milanes. “What a great shame, teacher Pablo… I keep in my memory that day in Cartagena as one of the happiest of my life… Thank you for your life and your songs. A toast to heaven”.

The singer-songwriter Spanish ismael serrano He pointed out that his music “will accompany him throughout his life. I am what I am thanks to his music. His essential poetry, the beauty of his songs made us feel less alone. What a great shame.”

the mexican actor diego luna He recalled the lyrics of the song “To live” with the recommendation to listen to it: “He leaves us a lot.”

Spanish actor and director Sergio Peris-Mencheta lamented the loss of Milanés by attaching a video interpreting “I will step on the streets”. “One of the most beautiful lyrics I’ve ever heard. Fly high.”

Milanés, author of classics such as “Yolanda”, published more than forty albums throughout his career and won, among others, the Cuban National Music Award and the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence.

The singer-songwriter Cuban was hospitalized on November 12 in Madrid. The burning chapel of Milanés will be installed in the San Isidro funeral home in Madrid to be fired by his family and friends.

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