Luis Díaz will have double inspiration for the Champions League final;  his parents will go to see him

louis diaz does not stop being news after his passage from Porto de Portugal to Liverpool of England, and all thanks to his outstanding performances game by game, showing all his talent at the service of the ‘reds’.

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In his last game for the Champions Leaguewhere he faced Villarreal of Spain for a place in the final of the contest, ‘Lucho’ started from the substitute bench, but for the complementary part he jumped onto the field to end up being the best player on the field and thus was recognized by UEFA.

The former player of Junior from Barranquilla He contributed a goal on minute 67, so much so that it meant the partial 2-2 of the match, in which, at times, those led by Jurgen Klopp were getting entangled. Diaz entered and everything changed.

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Liverpool was the first to settle in the last instance of the 21/22 Champions League, where it will face Real Madrid from Spain, which left Manchester City from England on the way.

After meeting the protagonists who will fight for the ‘orejona’, on May 28, at the Stade de France, in Paris (France), the ESPN channel had contact with the parents of the ’23’ of the ‘reds’, who reside in Colombia.

Silenis Marulanda, his mother, was in charge of telling that both she and her husband will be present on the day of the finalin the middle of a question in which they inquired about how Luis Fernando has adapted to the cold climate of the city of Liverpool.

He says that the weather hasn’t hit him hard… And of course it has, we’re going to the final”, Silenis sentenced. Like this the things, Luis Díaz will have the double of inspiration to dispute his first Champions League and his sixth final in European territory, since he arrived in Porto in 2019.

Parents of Luis Díaz will be in the Champions League final:

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