Luis Juez opined that Cristina Kirchner acts like a queen in a democracy: "One of the two is too much"

the national senator Louis Judge participated in small table by LN+ and analyzed the last speech of the Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Kirchner, in Chaco, where she questioned the economic course of the Government and denied a conflict with the President. “I feel like a queen,” he began.

“What happens is that since this is not a monarchical country, it is out of place. She behaves like a queen and those who answer to her act as vassals of the crown. But this is a democracy so one of the two things is superfluous: either our democracy or Cristina”. In this observation, Judge observed: “She expects subordination, but she is totally misplaced, she is a woman who is out of time and place. She believes she owns everything and her environment makes her believe that she is an heiress of divine right”.

Then, in a dialogue with José Del Rio, he demanded: “You must not allow him and you must remind him that we live in a democratic system where she is the vice president and has the same rights and obligations as a common citizen”.

Asked about the anti-corruption prosecutor, Cecilia Goyeneche, who is the protagonist of a controversial case in Entre Ríos, after obtaining the eight-year prison sentence of a former governor, who could now be displaced, the legislator maintained that “feudal systems” operate in the provinces. And he stated: “Most of the governors have been in power for them or their political parties for no less than 20 years. From the one at the entrance table to the president of the Superior Court of Justice, they respond to you almost monarchically. You have to be back to back with that prosecutor because otherwise you can never investigate power ”.

“Many wonder why in Córdoba there are no imprisoned or investigated politicians, politics has been co-opted in such a way that it is almost a funnel that ends up diluting any complaint. In that we have to be honest raising our voices, “added Judge.

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