Luis Landriscina and Rene Favaloro.

“He was in love with the country like me”, that is how the humorist recalled excitedly Luis Landriscina to the renowned physician and personal friend Rene Favaloro. In that sense, the storyteller referred to the current situation in the country.

During an interview on the show Just One More Lap of TNLandriscina spoke of his relationship with Favaloro and highlighted that their main point of connection was “Homeland”. “The homeland hurt him just like me”, he stated. In addition, he defined the doctor as “everyone’s best friend, because of his austerity and humility.”

For this reason, he expressed that it hurts him when he sees that “no one talks about the country and that the children are not told the story of the blood that cost this country”.

René Favaloro died on July 12, 2000.

In this way, he criticized the lack of knowledge about the origins of the country and clarified that the nation was created “with men who are not in the bronzes, but who helped to San Martin Already Belgrano”.

“Favaloro talked to me about Lamadrid and he told me why and I sometimes illustrated myself with him,” said Landriscina. Thus, excited, he concluded that the renowned cardiologist is the friend he “misses the most” and “the man the country is missing the most.”

Rodríguez Larreta, uncomfortable with the subject René Favaloro: “I’m not here for that question”

The success on YouTube of Landriscina and the culture

In relation to defending the culture of the country, Landriscini defined himself as “a narrator of uses and customs”. “I am one of the few guys who is not in a hurry to make people laugh, I narrate,” explained the comedian who reaches thousands of views on Youtube.

In this way, Landriscina expressed that “there is an unconfessed challenge between the listener and the teller”. “You think he knows how it ends and he doesn’t. That’s why he is happy when he loses, because the humor is surprise, ”he considered.

“I turn into humor what makes me suffer in life”

Thus, the comedian reflected on his entire career and closed: “A joke is ‘one guy told the other’. Instead, in my stories, the guy has a name and is married. I give it a story, a meaning.”


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