Lula reinserts Brazil in the world
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There was a foreign minister of the government of Jair Bolsonaro who was proud that Brazil had become a pariah in the world. That government, following the positions of donald trump, considered that there was a conspiracy between the great powers and the multilateral institutions, which had to be defeated. Marginalization was considered a favorable position.

Y the Bolsonaro government did everything so that Brazil would truly become a pariah. He sought conflicts with neighboring countries, he offended leaders of other countries, he did not invite any important leader to visit Brazil, he was not invited either. He did not participate in any G20 meeting and canceled an international meeting of the COP (world conference on climate change) that was to be held in Brazil. And he didn’t attend when it was done in Spain either.

The image of the Brazilian government and that of Bolsonaro were ridiculed in the world and in meetings of international organizations. Nobody came to Brazil and the president of Brazil was not invited anywhere.


There could be no bigger contrast with the international prominence that Lula da Silva (Photo) in their governments. His third term can only represent a sea change from his predecessor. On the same night of his victory in the second round, Lula’s speech already had the tone of an inauguration, which contrasted with Bolsonaro’s 48-hour silence, followed by his exactly two-minute pronouncement.

The next day Lula had lunch with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, practically as the new President of Brazil. Lula immediately received an invitation from the President of Egypt to participate in the COP 27 meeting in November, a few weeks before his official inauguration.

Several leaders have set up appointments with Lula, among them Joe Biden Y Emmanuel Macron. Countries that had suspended their support for the preservation of the Amazon, such as Germany and Norway, have restored that support.

Lula’s participation in COP 27 ended up being the high point of the meeting. Lula received requests for a meeting from nine presidents present, but he was only able to speak to a few. He met with john kerry, in charge of environmental policy of the United States and with the corresponding person in charge of China. The application of Volodymyr Zelensky he projects the possibility of a new intervention by Lula to seek to pacify the conflict in Ukraine, as he has already done in the conflict between Iran and the US.

Lula’s long-awaited speech has represented the return of Brazil to the international scene and, especially, the return of Brazil as a great protagonist of environmental protection policies. In the middle of the speech, the public present began to chant “Brazil has returned, Brazil has returned.”

The speech sought to collect from the great powers the commitments that they have not fulfilled, in addition to articulating, at the center of his intervention, the defense of the environment with the fight against hunger in the world. Brazil recommits itself to the defense of the Amazon, leading to Brazil’s proposal to hold the next COP in the Brazilian Amazon.

The speech has been Lula’s way of reinserting Brazil in the world. Lula is already introducing a great change in Brazilian politics, which is going from a pariah to a great participant in international politics.

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