Marti Benza and Lourdes González, two of the most popular influencers in Argentina.

Luli Gonzalez he made his first video at a family lunch and today, at only 18 years old, he has more than a million followers on your channel Youtube. A little over a year ago he confirmed his courtship with the youtuber Martin Benza and exploited the networks.

Lourdes González joined YouTube on May 11, 2016, to upload all the videos she recorded at school or the supermarket. In her profile information, she simply announces: “I laugh alone until I cry and I want to share it.” However, she only posted the first video of herself in 2018, when her cousin insisted that she publish the recording of a family lunch.

All his figures, since then, are gigantic: 1.11 million subscribers in Youtube and 1.1 million followers on TikTok, where his short films already have more than 117 million views. In addition, the girl has 873 thousand followers on Instagram and 403 thousand on Twitter. A year ago he started using Twitter and already has more than 230 thousand followers.

Luli González: her viral videos

After the video at family lunch, Luli Gonzalez He began uploading videos from high school on his YouTube channel, which later became college videos, because he is studying Image and Sound Design at the UBA. She also posts videos of trips with her friends, from a cruise to Parque de la Costa.

His first viral video was called “I get suspended from school“, more than 800k views over three years ago. It all started with an idea of ​​”cutting off” from school together with two friends and, although they only dared to hide for a while in the bathroom, they were suspended. She told it in a video with which, according to the comments, many students identified.

This is the top 3 of his videos with the most views since then: “My idol dyes my hair”, with 2.7 million views two years ago; “They left me bare down there”, with 2.6 million a year ago; Y “Our history”, which added 2.3 million views from a year ago. In that famous video she announced, sitting next to youtuber Marti Benza, your love story.

Luli González: “Martuli is real”

Luli and Martina Benza had been making videos together for a long time and many of their fans suspected it as much as they wanted it. Finally, they confirmed the news, each in a video: “Yes, we are girlfriends. Martuli is real.”

The love story between the influencers began at the end of 2019, shortly before a trip together to New York. They had met at a meeting of youtubers in the Obelisk, which had been put together in a WhatsApp group. And since then they started going to events just to meet, like the presentation of the Dora the explorer movie.

Marti Benza and Lourdes González, two of the most popular influencers in Argentina.

They made a book together and, since they got along so well, they agreed to record the first video together. After that, Marti went to Luli’s house for the first time, where they walked and chatted all day. That day, Marti invited Luli to see The Lion King together, which became their first date for both of them. that’s how they started a great friendship that turned into love.

All of Luli’s videos are grouped into different lists: StoryTimes, Vloguate algo, SemanaLulig, Colegio, Cocinanding and Covers. Among the fun recipes she posted “tall cookies”, “How to make Starbucks coffee”, “How to make a gourmet dinner”, “pancakes” Y “May 25 Cupcakes”.

I also read: “Catherine Fulop got mad at Oriana because her dog peed in the luxurious Mercedes Benz. There is video.”

Also, Luli Gonzalez published two covers that he plays with the guitar in what is called “Fingerstyle Guitar”. They are the themescold water” by Justin Bieber and “Stitches”, by Shawn Mendes, which already have more than 21 thousand views.

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