Lunar eclipse: when and how to see the last astronomical phenomenon of the month
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The partial lunar eclipse will be this Saturday November 19near the 3:59 in the morning. The earth shadow will be screened at the Early morning moon It is estimated that it will have increased visibility at approximately 04:02 Specially in areas of the Pacific Ocean and North America. It can be seen from any point in the city of Buenos Aires.


How is a lunar eclipse formed?

Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth is placed in the middle of the Moon and the Sun and heThe three celestial bodies are aligned. Also, they only occur in the full moon phase.

The earth blocks sun rays that reach the moon and form a cone of shadow that darkens it. In turn, the atmosphere acts as a “light filter” and prevents the projection of blue colors. All these circumstances makeand the moon can be seen with reddish toneswhat is known as “blood Moon”.

The partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon does not completely block sunlight, so that a bright crescent Moon is perceived from Earth.

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