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“Quarantine trips”. So he decided to name his most recent production Lyle O’ Ritzel. A very personal one where he combines his passion for art with his eternal love of rock.

Musically renewed, it is presented this Friday at concert at Casa de Teatro to share his artistic proposal with his fans. The former leader of Cahobazul returns under the umbrella Rock & LOR ”, his new project, which literally describes how this genre is attached to his DNA. LOR is an acronym for his name.

“We come from the golden age of Dominican rock and we won the first Casandra (Soberano) that was awarded to artists of this genre,” he said, recalling his time in Cahobazul during a conversation with DL from his art gallery. It was at this stage that the emblematic song “Gazcue es arte” emerged, a classic of Dominican subversive rock.

“Music has saved me from pain, from sadness, because sometimes things are not perfect, and music brings you closer to that pure feeling that is love”Lyle O’Ritzel Rocker

After the separation of the group, he dedicated himself to his other passion, art. Hence the emergence of the gallery that bears his name.

“Art and fatherhood somehow took me out of music and without proposing or planning it, I made a career as a gallery owner and I have been a gallery owner for almost 30 years,” he said.

However, as is often the case with musicians at heart, he never abandoned music or, rather, she never abandoned him.

“I always kept writing, in 2012 I was in a concept called ‘Lyle and the sun’s rays,'” and then the pandemic that, like everyone else, forced him to isolate himself and rethink his priorities.

“That silence and that house for jail that they gave us all (it forced me to be almost all day) locked in a room with a guitar, and that’s where songs began to emerge,” he says, assuring that he had not been in contact for a long time. So direct with inspiration.


“In one of those bike rides in a practically empty city, the first verses of the song Por la sombrita (Quarantine Journeys), which names the new album, emerged”; “Pedestrian Man” (which narrates how unfriendly the city of Santo Domingo is to pedestrians) and “Miranda”, with a wave of rock and reggae.

Although his idea was not to create an album, this song that emerged in the midst of the pandemic was the portal he needed to create the other songs.

“Suddenly we realized that we had a bunch of songs that while I was composing them I recorded them”, he confessed.

With Rock & LOR he seeks to vindicate the national rock that is as alive as ever.

“We have some fusions with bachatoid rhythms, reggae, it’s a disk that in some way you feel something Caribbean, not tropical, it is rock with Caribbean airs in some parts of the songs”, he reviewed.

Concert in theater house

to share this diskwhich tells the stories of when we were locked up, in addition to other more social and romantic themes, the group will make a presentation in one of the most artistic places in the entire country, Casa de Teatro.

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The members of Rock & LOR, the new musical concept. (JUAN FRANCISCO)

“In the concert We will have as a special guest the maestro Juan Francisco Ordoñez, who is a legendary guitarist, he was a musician for Luis “El Terror” Días and Urban Transport, who has given a sound to the Dominican guitarAlso Allan Lesschorn, the producer and friend, who worked with us in the diskAlfredo Balcácer, Guillermo Pérez, Leo Valenzuela and Juan Solares”, he said happy to return to Casa de Teatro, everyone’s home.

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