Macarena García is the protagonist of 'Mi Secreto' the new Televisa telenovela

Mexico.- The production of “My Secret” uncovered the leading roles in this story will be in charge of Macarena García, Isidora Vives, Diego Klein and Andrés Baida.

Macarena García will give life to Valeria Bernal, a very beautiful woman, of good feelings and impeccable morals. As a child she suffers from the heartbreak of her adoptive parents.

Its origin is unknown. Isidora Vives will play Natalia Ugarte, an attractive, spiteful, self-centered and frivolous woman with a deep wound of rejection and abandonment.

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Diego Klein will give life to Mateo Miranda, an attractive man, faithful to his principles and values, who cares about the welfare of all his people. He decides to work on the ranch to be by his father’s side and help him with whatever he needs.

The cast was revealed at a press conference. Photo: Television.

For Matthew money and social position do not rule his life. Andrés Baida will play Rodrigo Carvajal, an honest, good, loyal man. Good son and a great brother. He is a doctor dedicated to treating the people of his town and taking care of his family.

“My secret” is the new production of Carlos Moreno, will premiere in the second half of 2022, for the stars at 4:30 in the afternoon.

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