In two areas of the city, it is forbidden for all people to leave the residences.

Macau this Sunday decreed the state of immediate prevention after detecting 12 cases of Covid-19, eight of them asymptomatic, and decided to proceed with the mass testing of the population within 48 hours.

The authorities, who admitted the increase in the number of cases in the coming hours and that this is the most serious situation experienced in the territory since the beginning of the pandemic, applied isolation measures in two areas of the city, where the departure of all people from the residences.

In other areas, you are not allowed to leave buildings until the first of five mandatory nucleic acid tests has been performed.

“Other control measures include imposing restrictions on departure from Macau and carrying out strict health supervision and health self-management for a period of at least 14 days,” according to the authorities.

At a press conference this morning (dawn in Lisbon), the New Type of Coronavirus Contingency Coordination Center appealed to residents to stay at home. With the exception of establishments such as supermarkets and restaurants, other spaces must close their doors, including the casinos of what is the gambling capital of the world.

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