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Macri: “They create inflation and poverty, and then they invent all kinds of culprits”


“As democracy takes time to solve problems, autocrats flourish. Autocrats appear and say, ‘Give me more power and I’ll fix it quickly. Give me more power and I will give you a wonderful gift.’ Of course, at the cost of the most important thing we have, which is freedom, and our future. They have no problem giving you the best future by spending all of society’s savings. Central Bank reserves, retirees’ savings, gas and oil reserves. Because these autocracies combine with populism. And populism has a passion for giving energy. What matters? It’s a gift. All for free. Until those reserves run out, everything is wonderful: everyone has everything for free. And what do they do when they run out of resources? They start printing more and more money. In the beginning it’s also very good, it’s the same feeling as morphine, a former president told me. Then comes inflation and robs you of everything they gave you. And that creates more and more poverty. So what do populist autocrats do? They invent all sorts of culprits, fictitious enemies, corporations, greedy and selfish businessmen who raise prices. The United States always appears. The US is the favorite villains. Always putting the blame on others with a strong narrative (…) Perhaps this originated in Latin America. And Argentina, which has always innovated, unfortunately, for the worse in politics for several decades, was one of the places where it started. first with [Hipólito] Yrigoyen [duas vezes presidente e fundador da União Cívica Radical, aliada de Macri], and then with [Juan Domingo] perón [três vezes presidente] and avoid [ícone do peronismo], which were well known in the world. It has been very contagious and today it has spread to the rest of the world.”

(Mauricio Macri, former president of Argentina from 2015 to 2019.)

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