Macri wants to know "what's behind" of Mundo Selección and supported a criticized Graciela Ocaña
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The national deputy of the PRO Graciela Ocaña received the support of former president Mauricio Macri after making a request for reports agreement signed between the AFA and a company based in the United States to create the Mundo Selección platformwhich was the focus of controversy over the hiring of Tomás “Toto” Massa, son of Economy Minister Sergio Massa.

“The violent reaction to Graciela Ocaña’s request for a report to find out about the relationship between AFA and Be Smart Technology It shows how far he hit the nail on the head. I support Ocaña, we have to know what is behind it”Macri published on his Twitter account after arriving in Qatar to attend the start of the World Cup in his capacity as executive president of the FIFA Foundation.

The legislator was harshly criticized by Kirchner referents after warning about links between members of the offshore company Be Smart Mobile LLC (owner of Mundo Selección) and the Government and presented a request for reports to delve into the issue. “We hope that the requested information is provided and that the AFA or any other competent body clarify this situation”raised the opposition leader.

Maslatón defended Tomás Massa: Where did they get that a politician, with his own, cannot go to the World Cup?

The Public Confidence space explained that the request for reports “It is a tool that Legislators have, provided by our Constitution as representatives of the citizenry”. “They have us accustomed to violence and forms that are far from the democratic exercise, wanting to go over Justice and the people”, they lamented

This Sunday Di Tullio said that Ocaña “has the toupee of continuing to invent suspicions by poisoning the unsuspecting population.” “Explain where so much hatred comes from to torture a teenager, coward. And if you got any evidence of possible commission of a crime (which in no case would be from the young man you slandered) you would have presented yourself as a litigator and not a simple request for a report in Deputies”, he wrote on Twitter.

“Did you know that the brave Graciela Ocaña never litigated any complaint that she made and lost ALL? She does not want to pay the legal costs that she loses for presenting trout complaints to the prosecutor’s office. Ruining a teenager did not even require a complaint, only hatred and media. Coward“, he said in another tweet.

After criticism for traveling to Qatar, Massa’s son returns to Argentina: “I am going to prosecute those who lied”

Last Friday “Toto” Massa resigned from his position in “Mundo Selección” and returned to the country after the scandal broke out.while he denied having
traveled with “state funding” and claimed that it was a campaign against him for political reasons.

“First of all: I want to tell you that I decided to give up covering the World Cup at Mundo Selección. My colleagues will continue the work in Qatar, hired under the same conditions as me, because the company they mention It has nothing to do with the work of my parents or with the State. Here there is no type of state financing, only people working in the private sphere. The rest was a film that they put together out of hate,” the young man said in a statement.

Sergio Massa’s son added: “This, which was my dream, I achieved on my own, but I ate the garrón of being the son of. Not only did I receive and receive insults (of all kinds), but my teammates are also being attacked and bursting with guilt. What they invented, in addition to affecting me, affects Mundo Selección and a whole team that has been working in networks and different projects for years without getting into politics.”

Tomás Massa’s response to those who criticize him for going to the World Cup

In this line, “Toto” continued: “To stop harming my teammates, my personal decision is to return. At 17 I can’t emotionally move on. Those who know me know the kind of person I am and the values ​​that were instilled in me, they are also witnesses of my knowledge and love for soccer. The networks and my passion led me to be chosen by personal merit to generate content, entertain and inform like dozens of influencers. Why the escrachado am I? Because I was born into a family of politicians and they take it for granted that I can’t earn anything on my own.”

“I understand that for some, everything that has to do with me is politics. It’s hard for me to imagine that it will be like this forever and it’s hard for me to see well-known journalists allowing a kid to be harassed with insults and slander. Everyone knows that what they are spreading is absolutely lie I was working, I had a mini project with what I am passionate about in life. I am 17 years old, I wanted to be happy doing what I like. I was wrong to get mad about inventions, yes, but I do the best I can. I am learning to handle myself in this world in which my parents live, not me,” he continued.

Finally, he closed: “For everyone’s peace of mind, I’m going back to Argentina. Thanks to those who worked so hard to ruin my dream. I am going to continue with my life and I am going to be happy even if they dirty me every time I try to take a step forward. I am going to prosecute those who lied about the trip, about my work and about me, in the USA Justice, where the employment contract is located. Greetings to all”.


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