Macron and the sin of pride

It is no longer a rebalancing of powers, it is a scathing disavowal for macronie. The president is caught in his own trap. Emmanuel Macron dispensed with campaigning after his victory over Marine Le Pen, taking weeks to appoint a government. He thought it best to choose the least charismatic of the prime ministers, so that she wouldn’t overshadow him.

When he finally entered the campaign, he wanted to lead it alone, without highlighting the heavyweights or the new faces of the government. He deemed it useless to defend a program, betting everything on his presidential stature and the international context. After the first round, he thought it smart to mobilize on a single slogan: fear of chaos, decreeing that voting Nupes or RN was not Republican.

Sin of pride. What worked for De Gaulle in 1965 had the opposite effect for Emmanuel Macron. The response from voters is crystal clear. No, the legislative elections are not a presidential referendum. His re-election did not exempt him from offering prospects to a country paralyzed by the loss of purchasing power and the fear of a liberal shift. And the Republican vote also consists in giving the two other major political blocs – the Nupes and the RN – sufficient weight so that all French people feel represented in the National Assembly. Not superfluous when more than half of the citizens no longer vote and a new movement of “yellow vests” already appears as a fatality.

Macronie is in the lead, but on the mat. Those closest to the president are beaten; some ministers too, they will be fired. Macron wanted to govern alone. He will have to negotiate each of his reforms with the right, the center or the left. The debates promise to be stormy but fascinating in the Assembly. Immobilism is not inevitable. the “democratic shock” Sunday can be beneficial.

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