Macron is expected to lose his majority in the French parliament

According to post-urn closures, NUPES has won 149 seats on the left and has become the main opposition force in the National Assembly. Le Monde.

The Rassemblement National has achieved a historic result, winning 89 seats, allowing the far-right party to table motions of censure. The French parliamentary law allows for 56 members, and over 60 seats, a parliamentary party can submit bills to the Constitutional Council.

On the right, the Les R├ępublicains (Republicans) group has lost 22 seats, with only 78 seats instead of their previous 100. The Republican Party may even be a supportive force for the presidential side in passing bills.

The French parliamentary elections were held with a relatively low turnout, and experts said President Macron could not gain an absolute majority in parliament.

(Cover image: Emmanuel Macron June 17, 2022. Photo: Nathan Laine / Bloomberg / Getty Images)

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