Macron takes an electoral slap, the RN enters the Assembly in force

“A political earthquake” : for the correspondent of Spiegel Online, the result of the second round of the legislative elections, Sunday June 19, will permanently upset the French political landscape. A sentiment shared by all of the foreign press. The Economist speaks of a “catastrophe for Macron” and the Corriere della Serra of one “hard defeat for the president” :

“Governing France will become a headache. Macron will have to seek the majority by allying himself with other parties, but which ones?

After a first round marked by a very strong abstention, we were waiting to know if the president could have a majority to govern. The campaign was marked between the two rounds by a face-to-face between Mélenchon and Macron. But “the winner of the French legislative elections is not called Macron or Mélenchon, but Le Pen”, summarizes the corresponding Suddeutsche Zeitung on Twitter.

“For the first time in twenty years, a newly elected president failed to obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly”, writing The New York Times. Emmanuel Macron should still be able to pass a few bills, but his party, LREM, will be much more dependent on its centrist allies, in particular to pass contested projects, such as pension reform.

“These elections were also marred by a very low turnout, a wake-up call for Mr. Macron, who has promised to govern as closely as possible to the people for his second term.”

Change of scenery

The blow is hard for the president, rises in Germany Die Zeit. The weekly recalls that, “Usually, these legislative elections, which closely follow the presidential election, are seen as a confirmation of the latter giving a

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