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When he sees the arrival of photographers from major international agencies and is surrounded by other leaders, he acts in such a way as to stand out, to appear as the central character. That’s what keeps him in the important photos and keeps the cameras on him.”

Concha Fernández knows Emmanuel Macron’s image strategy very well. Each time this journalist and iconographer goes through the hundreds of images that arrive each day at the editorial office ofEl Mundo, she observes that the French president, wherever he is, makes sure that no one forgets him: by taking a step forward in relation to the other heads of government so that we can see him better, by choosing a casual outfit and sneakers for the tribute to Queen Elizabeth II at the Ardent Chapel, wearing an immaculate white shirt while her counterparts had chosen the color in Bali, during the last G20.

What matters is to stand out. To be unique. To be neither like one nor like the other. That’s how he found success: being neither left nor right. And that’s how he approaches his second and last five-year term as French president (until 2027). His party, Renaissance (ex-La République en Marche), is already looking for a successor to the one who has bet everything on his person and who does not intend to remain a president among others when he leaves the Élysée. . No. Macron wants to leave a nice mark in history, hence his approach lately.

Macron plays the role of mediator

Macron dreams of being a peacemaker”, “Macron wants the Nobel Peace Prize”… These interpretations of the activities of the p

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El Mundo (Madrid)

Founded in 1989, “Le Monde” has always claimed the model of American-style investigative journalism, although it sometimes tends to favor sensationalism, to the detriment of serious information. Its editorial line leans on the conservative side.

El Mundo acquired its reputation by revealing and denouncing all the scandals of the last years of government of Felipe González (1993-1996). The title now belongs to the Italian media group RCS MediaGroup (Corriere della Sera).

The newspaper site offers a number of services, including Metropoli, a leisure guide to the Spanish capital, Madrid. It also offers a section dedicated to travel and tourism, called Viajes. The content of the paper version is accessible on the online platform Orbyt.

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