Maduro is confident that Venezuela will win the territorial dispute with Guyana
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The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduroaffirmed this Thursday that “sooner rather than later” the Caribbean country will triumph in the territorial dispute that it maintains with guyana over the region of essequibo before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in Hague.

“I want to congratulate the diplomatic, legal team, and historians of Venezuela who have given the battle for our Essequibo. Sooner rather than later, this battle will have as its destiny the victory of the legal and territorial rights of Venezuela over the Essequibo.”indicated the president in a televised act.

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Ripe also recognized the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, for giving a “historical lesson” before the ICJ, defending the rights “historicalof the disputed territory.

Rodríguez argued this Thursday before the ICJ that the Caribbean country is the only “undisputed historical heir” of the 160,000 square kilometers of territory located west of the Essequibo River.

The vice president opened the public hearings that began this Thursday by the ICJ to hear the preliminary objections filed by Venezuela regarding the territorial dispute between the Caribbean country and Guyana.

He assured that Caracas is “committed to practicing tolerance and living in peace as good neighbors”, in reference to one of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and pointed out that Venezuela “Once again extends its hand to Guyana to settle the existing territorial dispute.”

In addition, he said that the team representing Venezuela before the ICJ will demonstrate from the legal perspective the inadmissibility of the case, but considered that a decision of this UN court rejecting the “application submitted unilaterally by Guyana will contribute positively and constructively” to the case.

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In March 2018, guyana filed a lawsuit against Venezuela before the ICJ to resolve the territorial dispute between the two States over the Essequibo region.

Four years later, in March 2022, the Guyanese government submitted to the ICJ -court that in December 2020 declared itself competent to decide on said dispute- its arguments to validate the arbitration award of 1899.

Last June, the Venezuelan government presented its preliminary objections to the ICJ as a way of ensuring that the demand “is not admitted because it lacks essential elements to establish due process.”

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