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The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, Malala Yousafzaitoday criticized the Taliban government’s recent decision to ban women from education in Afghanistan and asked the international community not to recognize them until they “recognize the human rights of women and girls.”

“There are delegates, government representatives, who are interacting with them and should push to ensure that women’s education is a non-negotiable condition for Taliban recognition. I believe in peace talks, in dialogue, but I think they shouldn’t be recognized if they don’t recognize the human rights of women and girls”, assured the Pakistani activist at the Doha Forum.

Malala, who received the award when she was 17 years old, becoming the youngest person to receive that award, also considered that this time it will not be so easy for her decision to be something permanent, since “now women have seen what it is to be educated and empowered.”

“We have learned, we are educated and it is very difficult for us to imagine not being educated. I think a lot has changed and this time it’s going to be a lot harder for the Taliban to keep the ban on women’s education. Women will continue to educate themselves, they will find a way, they will learn in secret, in the streets, they will not remain silent, ”she detailed.

This week, the Taliban decided to maintain the closure of schools for girls in secondary schools despite their promises to open them, and initially claimed that they prevented adolescent girls from returning to secondary schools to “adapt” their education to Islamic law or sharia.

“Education is the source of hope for the future. How do you expect young people or a woman to have a future or a role in society if this is the only thing they see with their decision?”, she highlighted during her speech on the panel Perspectives for women and girls in Afghanistan.

This is the second time that the Taliban government has made this decision, after during its first stay in power, between 1996 and 2001, the fundamentalists followed a rigid interpretation of Islam that led them to prohibit female attendance at the schools and to confine women in the home.

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