Maluma, with controversy and show, and Infantino varnished himself before the press
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“I am sitting here, in Qatar, in a privileged position, in front of the whole world, as a gay person,” Bryan Swanson, FIFA’s director of media relations, revealed yesterday at a conference prior to the start of the Fan Fest. of the World Cup in Qatar. In that space, Gianni Infantino spoke to defend him because, according to him, Swanson was the victim of “criticism” coming “especially from the Lgbtq+ community.”

There it was reported that FIFA received guarantees from Qatar that everyone would be welcome to the World Cup and that members of the Lgtbq+ community will be received without discrimination. Qatar does have laws criminalizing homosexuality and sexual relations outside of marriage; in fact advice was given on how to behave in public to avoid unwanted situations.

The infantino show The pressure on this issue was felt within FIFA, especially when a few days ago, Rod Stewart, Dua Lipa and Shakira agreed to lower their respective performances at the Fan Fest prior to the start of the World Cup in Qatar due to the existing criminalization in that emirate in respect of the aforementioned. Likewise, human rights are not for FIFA a fact that prevents them from collecting money.

Qatar paid very well for its right to host, so the only thing left for the FIFA kingpin to defend that commitment. Yesterday at the aforementioned press conference, he gave a performance that defines the importance of the millions that FIFA will pocket. In a lengthy speech, Infantino said he felt “Qatari, Arab, African, gay, disabled, migrant worker. (…) At FIFA, we are an inclusive organization; I have gay partners, I fully respect the right of others to think differently, but I know what we are fighting for.” And to back up his boss, Swanson added: “Just because Gianni isn’t gay doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about this issue.” There was no curtain, but the performance was unforgettable.

No comment. The issue of human rights in Qatar yesterday had another scene. Asked about it, Maluma ended an interview. “It is something that I cannot solve, I have only come to enjoy life, to enjoy football and the football party,” she told an Israeli television journalist. “It’s not something I have to be involved in. I am here enjoying my music and the beautiful life, playing football too”.

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