The most performed breast surgeries (Photo: Pixabay)
The most performed breast surgeries (Photo: Pixabay)

“Aesthetic surgeries of the breasts represent a great challenge for surgeons, who are constantly perfecting the technique,” says the Dr. Carolina Schneider (MN122678) . In the case of augmentation mammoplasty:

It is surgery to increase the size of the breasts with implants.

-The size, texture and shape of the implants vary according to the characteristics, needs and expectations of each person.

-The incision is periareolar, that is, around the nipple.

-The skin on the breasts is usually tense.

In the case of mastopexy with implants:

It is surgery to improve sagging breasts.

Can be done with or without implantsdepending on the characteristics, needs and expectations of each person.

-The incision is in the form of an inverse T and in some cases it can be made periaerolar.

-In most cases, there is already a breast volume, so the result of the increase and fall in the breasts will vary in each patient.

doHow to identify sagging breasts?

To know if a breast is sagging, you have to have two reference points when evaluating: the areola and the breast fold. The relationship of these two elements allows us to consider, based on anatomical and aesthetic canons, the situation of the breast:

-A breast is not sagging as long as the areola is above the inframammary fold.

-If the areola is below the groove then we can consider that the breast is sagging.

-If the areola is at the height of the furrow, it is not fallen but it is not, strictly speaking, where it should be.

“When we are faced with a drooping, ptotic breast, we will always need to perform a pexy, a surgical procedure to raise the breast, therefore, for this purpose we will have to make an additional scar,” says Dr. Schneider. And she adds: “The fact of performing a pexy is not at odds with placing an implant. Graphically, we can say that when we perform the pexy or mastopexy we seek to relocate the areola above the submammary fold, to its original position, to that “normal” position. This is currently impossible to do without scars. The scars to be made (periareolar, vertical or inverted T) will be greater as long as the breast is more sagging”, she concludes.

When is breast augmentation indicated?

Breast augmentation surgery is recommended for those patients who:

– They feel dissatisfied because their breasts have not developed to the size they expected.

– They want to match the two breasts by having one larger than the other.

– They aim to restore the natural volume of your breasts reduced due to pregnancy, weight loss or due to age.

In this procedure there can be two types of approaches: through the areola or through the breast groove. This depends on several factors: the patient’s choice due to the size of the scar and the patient’s history because when there is a history of nodules, cysts, oncological history and others; the submammary approach is preferred, so the choice is very variable. As a result of the operation, you may notice a temporary loss of sensitivity in the area that will normally gradually and progressively fully recover.

what is used now

“It is interesting to highlight the topic of current trends regarding implants since these have varied according to culture, region and also the time. Today there is a trend towards natural results, both in the injectable area and in the surgical area. And also to the rapid recovery procedures, ”says Scheneider.

In the search for the simplification of procedures and more aesthetic and natural results, more and more patients are looking for implants out there that are smaller or with a natural fall, or with a surgical planning in a dual plane that also allows a better result. natural in sight and also the surgical techniques were perfected allowing women to quickly resume their work, social and other activities without absolute rest in the post-operative period.

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