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The event was left on video by another citizen who captured it when she saw the abuse that the man was subjected to in full entry into the country, but the details about it were only known from those images, which she says she witnessed, brief trills of her own Camarillo and the little that Migration Colombia slipped in a brief statement announcing investigations.

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For this reason, the victim told more details about the embarrassing episode he experienced when he arrived in Colombia from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – where he claims to be a resident – ​​after making a stopover in Panama. In his first statement, he did not hesitate to qualify the facts as an act of racial discrimination: “The discussion should be directed towards the structural racism that exists in this country”, held. “I think it’s because of my skin color.”

The engineer confirmed that he arrived in Bogotá around 9 in the morning and tried to enter through the biometric system, but seeing that it did not work, he lined up to do so directly with an official. “The man who assaulted me is serving me”, whom he identified as Jaime Alonso Sánchez Cárdenas.

“At that moment, what the man did was ask me if I had already done the migration check. I said yes, to which he replies rudely that I then go and try again on all the machines, ”he narrated.

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When asking for help again, the discussion gradually shifted from the problem with the biometric system to something that had nothing to do with the official’s susceptibility: “I was already obfuscated by the man’s attitude. I went and tried all the machines, came back and said it didn’t work. He responded again rudely, asked me if I was yelling, I said no, to help me find a solution.”.

“He raised his voice to me, I also raised my voice to him. She told me some things that I don’t remember, I also told her others. There was an exchange of words and at that moment he tells me that she is going to call the police. I told him to call whoever he wanted,” the story continues.

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While the official went to bring the police, Camarillo says that he stood in line to enter with another agent. At that moment, Sánchez arrived with a supervisor who would have the last name Roldán, who did show a conciliatory attitude. Before him, the traveler acknowledged that he had insulted his counterpart, in an apparent exchange of insults, and they suggested filing a complaint. It was there that the aggression broke out:

“I was going to pass and at that moment the aggressor punches me in the face, a fist with which he breaks my mouth,” he said, showing the camera a wound on his lower lip.

Although he acknowledges that at first he tried to physically respond to the attack, the passenger says that he managed to calm down: “There is a physical difference between the man and me: the man is an elderly person, I am younger, taller. It is not worth fighting with this gentleman because in all cases the black always loses.”he reasoned.

“I am sure, and I sign it wherever, that if I am the one who punches him, at this moment I would be in a URI. I have not the slightest doubt, ”he added.

According to him, It is there that Sandra Barba intervenes, another citizen who also arrived from Brazil and began to record what was happening.. She spoke to the media later and her version coincides with what Camarillo has said.

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The assaulted man says that at that moment he had headphones on, which fell off when he was punched. Although the supervisor calmed him down and insisted with the complaint, that’s when the second attack happened: “When I bend down to pick up the headphones to go make a complaint, the man gives me the kick that you can see in the video”.

“What happened is partly the fault of Migration Colombia”: Camarillo

What happened from then on, according to the victim’s account, shows that there was a terrible management of the issue by the other officials of the air terminal, as even the witness Barba criticized. For this reason, he asked that Colombia Migration release the full video of his passage through the immigration room and even of what happened afterwards, where he says that there was permissiveness with the perpetrator and he even felt harassed.

“I want to hold Migración Colombia responsible because in the two attacks that he did to me, physical, both in the punch and in the kick, I was surrounded by Immigration officials and at no time did any Immigration official stop Mr. Sánchez CárdenasCamarillo lamented.

“At the moment I leave to make the complaint, they call a boss, several people also try to put pressure on me, to intimidate me by saying that if you insulted them too, etc.,” he said.

“Suppose I had been a jerk and insulted him. I don’t think that this justifies him for attacking me either, because I didn’t attack him either, “he said.

However, the most serious thing is that the other officials let Sánchez approach again in a provocative attitude: “When I was on my way to the room where I filed the complaint, Migration officials did not stop Mr. Sánchez Cárdenas. He even approached me a third time, I stood up and he was waiting for me to attack him to even things outbut I never attacked him,” said the assaulted man.

Man assaulted at El Dorado airport will denounce the aggressor official

To conclude, Camarillo says that Sánchez Cárdenas “had a racist attitude”: “He told me that I was a gamer and a piece of shit,” he recalls.

For this reason, he announced that he will be able to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office and does not plan to attend to any media outlet: “I don’t want them to revictimize me and the questions that the media ask are also racist. I know what racism is and I don’t want to be publicly revictimized again.”

(In this regard: The Attorney General’s Office will open an investigation into the Migration official who kicked a passenger)

“I hope that he does not appear again with another person,” he concluded.

This is the video of the young man’s discharge:

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