Man finds very expensive diamond on the beach: "I couldn't believe it when the jeweler told me how much the ring is worth"
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Some people collect stamps as a hobby, others go fishing or play sports. Joseph Cook (37) likes to comb the beach with his metal detector and has already found countless interesting, fun or sometimes valuable objects with his remarkable leisure activities. But a few weeks ago, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he thought he had found a “coin” but dug out a platinum ring with a large diamond. When the jeweler told me the value of the ring, I couldn’t believe it.

Wanting to share his rare find with the world, Joseph posted images of the ring online and tried to track down its owners. He also visited some jewelers because they might recognize the ring. But when one of those experts looked at the ring and diamond, he was able to tell him that the jewel is worth at least $ 40,000, about 38,000 euros. “And I left that thing in my scooter for a week,” said the American.

A few days later, the American started receiving calls from an unknown number. “I suddenly realized that maybe it was someone who could tell me more about the rightful owners,” says Joseph. “When I picked up, I was on the phone with a couple from Jacksonville who had lost a similar ring.” In the end, it turned out that the ring belongs to the couple, who were overjoyed to get the jewel back. “The woman started crying with happiness and I felt some satisfaction.”

Joseph is not disappointed that he had to return the expensive ring and even likes it when he can return lost items to their owners. Quite a few of his social media viewers wanted to know if he got a reward for his find. “Nothing,” it sounds. “But I did get some good karma from it. Because whenever I can give something back, I find something even better.”

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