Man is furious when he sees careless delivery man busy with his expensive package: "We're not paying for this!"

Man can hardly believe his eyes when he sees a delivery man with his very expensive package: “We are not paying for this!” © Kennedy News via Reuters

A DPD parcel deliverer behaved very rashly in Harrow, England, last weekend. Footage captured by a local resident shows him tossing various packages into his van in a very careless manner. The maker of the images filed a complaint, after which the man was fired.

Source: Reuters

One of the packages belonged to Mehjabeen Jabarullah, also the man who was able to capture the video. He had ordered a Samsung vacuum cleaner that was worth more than 800 euros. “He dropped my vacuum cleaner twice and threw it on the trolley over and over,” he said. Jabarullah’s brother also reacted angrily when he saw the images appear on social media. “This is disgusting behavior, we are not paying for this!”

It wasn’t the first time the parcel deliverer had angered the man. The day before, the delivery person was already present at the house to deliver the vacuum cleaner. “I was cooking when I saw a DPD van driving away,” said Jabarullah. “According to him, there was no one at home to receive the package, even though he did not even ring the bell.”

Ultimately, a complaint against Samsung and DPD led to the man being fired. “The behavior of this driver is far from what we expect,” said a spokesperson for the parcel service. “We have launched an investigation and can confirm that he will never work for DPD again.”

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