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Residents saw him “punching” something inside the vehicle before setting it on fire

By Marcos Tenório | 11/24/2022 21:21

Residents of Jardim Centro Oeste are scared after seeing a man punching and setting fire to a car on Rua Patrocínio, close to the Homex invasion area, in Campo Grande. They called the fire department.

In a video sent to Campo Grande News, shows a vehicle being consumed by flames. The witness said he saw a man inside the car punching something and then got out and set the car on fire.

Afraid to get close, the boy would have said that he would wait for the Fire Department and the Military Police to go to the place that is in a private area, next to Homex.

It is not known who would have set fire to the vehicle and whether there are victims. O Campo Grande News will follow up the investigations with the authorities.

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