Man will be sentenced after the death of a 5-month-old baby in the United States

USA.- A man will be sentenced after beating his five-month-old son to death.

The events were recorded at an address in Ormond Beach, Florida, United States, when the minor identified as Damon he was taken to a hospital allegedly because he had fallen.

When examining him, the doctors identified several recent blows to the body and others from a long time ago, as well as a cigarette burn on his ear.

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According to local media NBCnews, the baby endured ‘unimaginable’ suffering inflicted by his father Calib Scott, 26 years old.

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Father in the United States ‘fought’ for his son to stop crying

After his arrest, Scott He confessed that he “fought” for his son to stop crying, however, failing to do so, he dropped him and slapped him until he was unconscious.

“Baby Damon went through five months of hell and ultimately died at the hands of his father… What he went through is unimaginable. How could a father be so selfish and cruel?”

“We will remain dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable and valued members of our community as we prepare for the sentencing phase of the trial,” Larizza said in state prosecutor’s court.

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Deputy State Attorney, Heatha Trigones, told the jury that Scott had picked up the five-month-old baby by the neck before throwing him to the ground.

“You don’t lift a baby by the neck. That is anger, there is an intention to harm,” said Trigones.

trigons detailed that Scott had condensed hitting the five-month-old to knock out his teeth, a doctor said the baby had lost tissue from his nose and lips.

“You can’t inflict that kind of injury on a person, much less a baby, and not have bad intentions and bad will,” Trigones said.

Although the murder was recorded in November 2019, the man was recently brought to court and according to Daily Mail He could be sentenced to death or life in prison.

‘He suffered 5 months of hell’, baby is slapped and beaten to death by his father to stop him from crying in America. (Photo: Daily Mail).

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