Manuela González, from 'Masterchef', reveals details of her wedding: possible date and what it would be like

One of the favorites in the RCN cooking reality show ‘Masterchef’ is Manuela González. Since the program began, the actress has shown her talent and commitment to cooking, which has allowed her to successfully overcome most challenges.

The 45-year-old artist got engaged to her partner and father of her two children, Andrés Vasco, after a decade of relationship. And despite the time, González said she felt very much in love and excited about her wedding.

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In an interview with the magazine 15 minutes, the actress said that As fate would have it, their trucks crossed paths twice on the same day (November 7) but in different years, until the third time was the charm. “What happened to us was immediate. I had no idea about him, I didn’t know him, I didn’t know his name, but I thought he was gorgeous. He looked at me and there I was killed, ”said Manuela.

For his part, Vasco revealed that he did know who she was and then confessed to her. “She was my Lolita, my platonic love. But, she made me fall in love discovering that she is a real woman. She shows herself as she is”.

Manuela González is engaged after 10 years of relationship

On November 7, 2021, the couple celebrated 10 years together, so Andrés decided to fulfill Manuela’s dream of visiting Paris. While celebrating with dinner aboard a boat on the Seine River, the businessman asked her to marry him.

“That was a very funny day. I saw him uncomfortable, anxious and stressed, I thought something was going wrong. Until he finally decided. She took out the ring and knelt down”, amid the applause of those present, the actress said “yes”.

González explained that the ring was too big for him, but that did not prevent his happiness for what had just happened. “It is impossible to say no to a man like Andrés. He is detailed, generous, knows how to make decisions, thinks for his partner and his family, he is a worker, he is always present and willing to continue learning, “he said.

Details of the wedding of Manuela González

The actress assured that the decision to take that step, until now, is because they want to give that gift to their childrenIn addition, it is a beautiful way for her to enhance their relationship.

“We had to honor our love and share it with our loved ones. It’s nice to share the good things with those you love, “said González.

He also explained that it is likely to take place this year, specifically on November 7. “It will be done for the Catholic and we imagine something facing the sea,” he concluded.

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