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The Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén criticized the government’s backtracking regarding the declaration of Lanín volcano as a “sacred site” of that original town and lamented the “political fragility” of the Casa Rosada for not being able to uphold the decision in the face of questioning.

After celebrating the measure adopted by the National Parks Administration, the Mapuche organization lamented that “in the face of the virulent reaction of the Government of Neuquén“, the response of the national government has been “to rescind the Resolution of `Declaration of the Lanín Volcano as a Sacred Natural Site for the Mapuche People´ 24 hours after its approval”.

The Lanin volcano.

We regret the political fragility of the national government and in particular of the Minister of the Environment, Juan Cabandié, incapable of sustaining a political decision for 24 hours. The lack of credibility and courage of his administration pushed back such an important decision for the Mapuche identity and worldview,” the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén said in a statement.

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The controversy in Neuquén over the Lanín volcano

In addition, in the face of harsh criticism from the governor of the Patagonian province, Omar Gutierrezinvited the official to “learn about the Lanín Volcano proposal for a Sacred Natural Site for the Mapuche People and to get involved in the ordering and projection of an intercultural administration of the Volcano that is not only a symbol of the Province, but also represents a regulatory element of life”.

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Likewise, they repudiated “the media exposure of the issue” and clarified that the declaration of Lanín as a sacred site “does not close doors.” “On the contrary, it opens new doors such as incorporating a new value to everything that Argentine society knows and enjoys: landscape, scientific, tourist all the Mapuche cosmogonic potential that until today is not known is added. Will anyone be encouraged to oppose this assessment when it is part of the region’s identity?” the organization said.

Faced with the government’s decision to form “a participatory dialogue table together with the province of Neuquén and the native communities” to analyze the issue, the CMN warned that this instance “must aim to support the recognition of Lanín Sacred Site of the Mapuche People” .

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It is urgent that both the Nation and the Province stop using the rights of the Mapuche people as currency. and decide to get out of the illegality of not complying with a normative and constitutional framework that they are obliged to respect. From there we no longer go back because it is a shame how governments and administrations succeed one another and continue to accumulate debts with the Mapuche people. We declare ourselves on alert and mobilization,” concluded the released text.

The declaration of the recognized volcano as a sacred site of the Mapuche people generated controversy in the face of questions from the governor of Neuquén, as well as from opposition leaders such as former president Mauricio Macri or former national senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto.

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