Marc Anthony with Nadia Ferreira heading to Panama (photo: Instagram Nadia Ferreira)

Mark Anthony he fell on the way to his concert in Panama and had to suspend it. According to him, the artist suffered an accident on some stairs when he was preparing to leave for his show. Such was the blow and the repercussions on his back, that he decided to cancel the presentation and he is being flown to Miami for recovery.

The incident happened during the tour of “Pa’ ahi voy” in Panama City on Wednesday night. Local media confirmed that he was treated by medical personnel in his dressing room and that the entire team decided to suspend the date. The announcement was made in the stadium through the stadium’s loudspeakers Romel Fernandez. In this way, those present found out that “Marc Anthony’s condition did not allow him to appear” and they were asked to keep their ticket as the concert would be rescheduled.

According to the official statement, the date of the concert will be announced later. “We thank all the medical personnel in Panama who made an appointment immediately to offer their care and all the fans who were present for the long-awaited concert,” they said.

The last thing that was known about him on social networks was through his partner, Nadia Ferreira, who uploaded content to Instagram hours before the concert. There were two photos that he shared in his stories in which they are both seen enjoying the beach.

Marc Anthony with Nadia Ferreira heading to Panama (photo: Instagram Nadia Ferreira)

Marc Anthony fulfilled the dream of a 95-year-old grandmother: this was the most emotional moment of the show

Marc Antony is known for having great gestures with his fans during his concerts. The last one was in Orlando, Florida, where the singer met him the dream to Felaa 95-year-old woman.

The grandmother, who, according to a poster, survived Hurricane María and COVID-19, carried a poster with the wish of being able to dance with Anthony. The artist stopped to read the cardboard and asked his team to help bring it up on stage. The woman was happy to dance with the artist.

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“Marc and his team were very good to us! I will never forget this night”, Linda Cristina Santiago wrote on her social networks, excited after helping her grandmother fulfill her dream. “My grandmother danced with Marc!! I am excited that all this happened!” she described herself in another post.

This was not the first time that the salsa star surprised his followers. In September, in full presentation in New York, Marc Anthony got off stage and he had a gesture that moved everyone: when he was performing one of his greatest hits, “Live the life”sang several verses of that song in the ear of a blind boy.

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