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The Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro questioned the theory of the director of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Agustín Rossi, about the crew members of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane held in Ezeiza. For D’Alessandro it is “incoherent” that the Iranians were instructors of the Venezuelans.

According to D’Alessandro, Rossi’s hypothesis is “unlikely” and he maintained in dialogue with C5N that “The Iranians inside the plane were instructors” and that “they were just instructing two crews to fly that plane.”

Marcelo D’Alessandro.

Given this, the head of the Porteña Security portfolio clarified: “First, we have to know that the plane belonged to Air France. After Iran buys it. The Middle Eastern country maintains that license plate until it is sold to Venezuela. It is there when he begins to fly with Venezuelan registration. And that’s also when the problem starts.

D’Alessandro was decisive in dialogue with All News: “Why is this theory incoherent then? Simple. Both Iran and Venezuela have international sanctions that prevent them from piloting or even taking over this type of cargo flight.”

Although he maintained that it was not about “convicting anyone”, he stressed that there are “dark points”. “It is no coincidence that a minister from a sister country like Paraguay notifies the different intelligence services about a supposedly innocent plane,” he remarked, adding: “It is not normal for Uruguay to restrict its airspace either.”

“Here we said ‘nothing happens’”, commented the Minister ironically and emphasized: “If two bordering countries emit a fin, the situation cannot be underestimated”.

“It must be taken into account that the most aberrant attacks occurred in the Federal Capital. We cannot underestimate anything”, she warned.

Agustín Rossi against the media and the opposition

For his part, the new head of the AFI, Agustín Rossi, lamented that “from sectors of journalism in Argentina they are creating a destituent climate.” “They lead to a scenario in which they say anything. You have to put a little reasonableness in the proposals that are made.”

The former Minister of Defense then referred to the opposition: “When they attack the AFI, they make me want to tell them ‘have a little modesty, because when you were in charge they used it to spy on their own colleagues,’” he said. And he added: “Patricia Bullrich was politically involved in illegal espionage. For that they used the intelligence agencies.”


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