Marcelo Tinelli resigned from the presidency of San Lorenzo.

Marcelo Tinelli resigned from the presidency of San Lorenzo at a critical moment at an institutional, sporting and economic level. The businessman, who has been on leave from the institution for almost a year, stepped aside under pressure from the rest of the leaders.

Marcelo Tinelli’s statement with his resignation from the presidency of San Lorenzo

Hello everyone.

I want to communicate with you by this means, because I feel that it is the best way to express what I feel in a genuine way. Whenever decisions are made it is impossible

please everyone. I have decided to leave my position as President of San Lorenzo de Almagro.

As I have expressed it on many occasions, football is my passion. Everyone who knows me well knows it. I have even come to think and dream that it has a lot to do with my mission in life.

One’s wishes and the reality that is expressed at each moment often do not go hand in hand. Or rather, what one feels when

believes that he is giving his best, at certain times it is not reflected in a concrete reality or it is not enough.

I have gone through many difficulties in my life, I have nurtured myself from them, but many times I have understood the data of reality, and there in this time of distance, I can see that beyond everything I gave and have to give, perhaps not It’s time, even if it hurts.

Marcelo Tinelli resigned from the presidency of San Lorenzo.

Thanks to all the fans and partners of San Lorenzo for the love, affection and support in the last elections. My apologies for not being able to stay longer. My other activities that are very public do not allow me to be 100 percent, in a place that requires a full-time job. I have left my soul and many more things in these almost 10 years and also together with a wonderful team, we have left some indelible achievements for the club’s history, such as the Copa Libertadores, playing the Intercontinental final with Real Madrid, countless donated works for the institution, the return to the National Basketball League, 5 National titles, 2 American Championships, 2 games against NBA teams (an unprecedented event in Argentine basketball), the Historical Restitution Law, the Rezoning Law and the purchase of the land on Avenida La Plata.

I would never allow my presence to generate divisions and violence among the sanlorencistas that we love the club or that San Lorenzo is harmed in any area. My family and my professional work today also put a stop to this project.

Thanks to all who accompanied me and were loyal at all times. I will always be there to help San Lorenzo wherever I am needed, as I did in this period and over more than 30 years.

It is not a goodbye, but a see you later. We will see each other again soon in this wonderful passion that is football and in this unique and indissoluble love that is San Lorenzo. I love you so much.

Partners and fans pressed to know Tinelli’s decision

For a few weeks, opposition groups have asked that the current authorities of the institution present the resignations and call for early elections.

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As TN Deportivo had anticipated 15 days ago, Tinelli was going to take some time to define his situation, something he communicated today. The driver decided to prioritize his career on TV and leave the club in the hands of other people who may be there on a daily basis.

Marcelo Tinelli resigned from the presidency of San Lorenzo.  (AP)
Marcelo Tinelli resigned from the presidency of San Lorenzo. (AP)

The leadership of San Lorenzo had raised with Tinelli the need to resolve his situation in order to start outlining how the Steering Committee will move forward.

The action of the Board of Directors has a mandate until December 2023, but it is not ruled out that there is an early call for elections.

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