Gastón moved everyone in Sing With Me Now (Photo Instagram @cantaconmigoar)

“I’m here for the blessed reason for my three suns, which are my children. They are living far away and I hope this direct hug will reach them”, said Gastón Bellero when stepping on the stage of sing with me now (eltrece), Thursday night. The musical track began to play and from the first moment the emotion was present before the jury. Own Marcelo Tinelli could not contain his tears to the point that he did not hesitate to go and hug the participant.

beauty45, appeared on the immense stage of sing with me now, seeking the approval of the 100 jurors to move on to the next stage. “Woman lover” by Rata Blanca was the song she chose to demonstrate her talent. few minutes it took in getting artists to change their red light to yellow, what the acceptance of performance meant.

Marcelo Tinelli burst into tears

The song ended and the studio melted into a single sound of applause. Meanwhile, almost without believing it, Gastón burst into tears and immediately took refuge in Tinelli, who decided to support him in the emotional moment he was going through. “I wanted to come and give him a hug”, He expressed, while wiping away tears.

“There are many things that impacted me. The first thing is when you talk about your children and that you haven’t seen them for a long time and that they will surely listen to this song. A He hits me a lot, especially one who loves his children so much, when he can’t see them he suffers a lot, it’s difficult “said the driver with emotion and under the watchful eye of his daughter, Candelaria, who is part of the jury.

Gastón moved Marcelo

Then, the participant said that his three children live in Córdoba and he in Buenos Aires. “The distance is not long, but it costs”said excitedly, indicating that his work responsibilities is one of the reasons why this meeting is late in coming. “I already want to go, I want you to be here”, he added and could not contain the emotion. Marcelo listened to him and did not hesitate to hug him.

Immediately, the driver referred to the second detail that caught his attention in Gastón’s presentation: “You said this is your first time doing this. Is it the first time that you sing in front of a hundred juries or that you sing in public?”. The amateur singer pointed out that although his work is as a car operator, he usually makes small presentations but not in a massive way and before great music personalities such as the members of the jury: “El Puma” Rodríguez, Coti, L-Ghent and Cristian Castro, among others.

Gastón moved everyone in Sing With Me Now (Photo Instagram @cantaconmigoar)

“El Puma” Rodríguez took the floor to give a return to the participant: “I did not get up from the chair because your children are far away. I got up because apart from its tuning, the power of your voice stopped me from the chair “. She then assured Gastón that he could have a long way to go in the profession, since he has the qualities needed to be successful in music.

In agreement with his colleague, Cristian castro he noted that from the moment he saw him enter the studio, he knew it was his favorite. The compliments he received were reflected in the high score he received, with a total of 95, which left him with a large positive difference from his peers and gave way to the classification of the day.

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