Margriet Hermans about continuous crying 'Love For Music': “It's almost embarrassing”

Margriet Hermans can be seen this year in the program ‘Love For Music’. It is noticeable that the artists often cry when their song is covered. Hermans explains in ‘De Cooke & Verhulst Show’ why this is.

Margriet Hermans also sangNice Stay Hanging with a matching dance move and got everyone dancing.

Britt Van Vliet was also a guest on Thursday evening in The Cooke & Verhulst Show† Like more and more women, she had a labia correction performed. She came to tell me why she did exactly that. “It hurt me physically and mentally.”

Aviation expert Riadh Bahri came to reassure everyone that the prices of airline tickets will normalize again. Chaos has reigned at Schiphol for days due to staff shortages and strikes. Bahri explained the consequences.

Maksim Stojanac moved those present when he read a piece Without me sang.


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