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María Pedraza wore an animal print bikini from Ibiza and conquered red hearts on Instagram

María Pedraza was the cover of the women's fashion magazine InStyle.

Maria Pedraza She is one of the actresses of the moment. Her participation in her Elite series has taken her to fame. On her Instagram account she has about 12 million followerswho support her in each of her projects, like her latest film, The Crystal Girlswhich deals with the stressful and pressured lives of dancers.

María Pedraza was the cover of the women’s fashion magazine InStyle. (Instagram/)

Her fans admire to see the publications that the famous shares and always they get involved so that there is a back and forth with the actress. On this occasion, María shared a photo of her from her vacation in Ibiza, a paradisiacal destination chosen by many influencers during the European summer.

Maria Pedraza (Maria Pedraza/)

In the publication she is seen with the sea in the background while wearing a bikini Animal Print and a hat. The post earned thousands of likes and comments: “Divina María”, “What a beautiful woman”, “Please”, “How envious”, “How beautiful you are”.

María Pedraza posed in a yellow dress from Seville. (Instagram/)

Who did her followers confuse María Pedraza with?

One of the photos that the young woman shared from her vacation generated a stir on social networks. Her followers began to say that the actress of The Money Heist He looked a lot like someone everyone knows.

María Pedraza and her change of look in her hair, while wearing a red bikini on the beach. (@mariapedraza_/)

In the image, she is seen on a pier, with untidy hair in the air and a red bathing suit. “It’s just like Jane”, many confused her with the protagonist of the film Tarzan.

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