The state of health of Maria Valenzuela

After the drama that the actress had to live Mary Valenzuela, As a result of dental malpractice, she now had to be operated on for another complication that appeared in her breasts.

As the actress had anticipated, she had to undergo breast surgery due to a problem with her implants. “I’m getting blood work done, I’m taking supplements for strength and protein. I take two a day. I have to operate the lolas. That’s why I’m also doing mammograms, because I have lumps, everything is encapsulated wrong, ”she had told in April, in dialogue with us in the morning for elthirteen

The state of health of Maria Valenzuelavideo capture

This Wednesday, according to the journalist Daniel Ambrosino in América Noticias, Valenzuela entered the operating room, where the prostheses were removed and also some packages that were sent for analysis. But shortly after he was already in his house recovering.

“One of the prostheses was broken and the liquid had spread throughout the body. It was very dangerous,” the journalist explained. And he added: “She told me ‘it’s a good thing they took everything out of me now and not later, because anything could have happened. They took some lumps out of me and now they’ve been sent for analysis.'”

According to the 64-year-old actress herself, before the operation she was not able to lie down or touch herself without pain.

María Valenzuela generated laughter on the floor after telling the reasons behind her tendinitis
María Valenzuela generated laughter on the floor after telling the reasons behind her tendinitisCapture

Maria Valenzuela He went through a difficult time with his health a short time ago after undergoing dental treatment that was not performed correctly. As revealed by the actress, the procedure brought severe consequences and affected the rest of her health: she weighed 35 kilos because she had difficulty chewing. In April she traveled to Ushuaia where she was treated by a dentist friend of hers and she was able to solve the problem from a comprehensive perspective.

It was not the first time that the actress suffered a health problem that affected her image and the concern of those who closely follow her career. In 2016, Valenzuela went through a period of depression after the death of his friend Gaspar Mulet. This led her to enter a psychiatric clinic and, according to what she learned, then He weighed 39 kilos after spending 10 days without eating.

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