Mariela Misiano, from Vervit: "In the IT industry there are many opportunities and generous salaries"

In this context, answer the following questions: Mariela Misiano, Service Offering Manager, Vertiv LATAM.

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Journalist: How important is the work that data center workers do?

Mariela Misiano: The work of data center workers and service providers is extremely important. The pandemic has forced companies to operate remotely and customers to migrate to digital transactions and activities, from banking, shopping and education to healthcare, staff members in data centers and other mission facilities. criticism became essential workers. They risked infection by going to work to keep business running, thus joining the ranks of other pandemic “superheroes.” In an era where connectivity is paramount, it is the data center workers who guarantee with their commitment and work that all systems are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q.: What risks do workers run?

MM: They work constantly exposed to the risks involved in working with electrical energy to keep everything working. According to a provisional work accident report of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security in the period from January to December 2021, 2,605 claims were filed in the area of ​​electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply. At Vertiv we stand out for our safety and hygiene policies. We work hard with the staff since their work involves working with energy that means an electrical and life risk and that is why we have all our certified technicians, who take mandatory courses per year, use adequate personal protection systems and elements. No technician can start a task if the security means are not guaranteed.

Q.: Is it a profession that is growing?

MM: According to the Uptime Institute, the number of people needed to manage data centers around the world will increase from about 2 million to almost 2.3 million in 2025. The technology industry is one of the most demanding sectors, but it is also one of the most rewarding to work. From the latest innovations to the generous salaries on offer in this industry, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your IT skill set, which, in turn, leads to promising promotions and salary increases.

Q.: And how is it evolving…

MM: Just as technology is constantly advancing, data centers are also continually evolving to meet the standards of both the industry and their customers. From sustainability to efficiency, the various disciplines involved are becoming more complex, meaning that career progression within the data center environment can be characterized by many things but never standard.

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