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Marina Silva is the next interviewee of Amarelas On Air

Amarelas On Air - Marina Silva

Former Senator and Former Minister of the Environment Marina Silva (Network), is the next guest of the Yellow On Air, VEJA talk show. With her support coveted by several electoral campaigns, Marina has been showing signs of a rapprochement with the PT, but has not yet defined her destiny in this year’s election. The interview will air on Tuesday, June 14, starting at 8 pm, on all VEJA digital channels.

With the presentation of this columnist, the Yellow On Air was inspired by the traditional Yellow pages, which appear in the print edition of VEJA. Every week, the program welcomes a new guest, always a relevant name in the political and economic scene. The interview is carried out by a group composed of journalists from VEJA and guests.

O Yellow On Air it is part of VEJA’s digital strategy, which includes the expansion of the video and multimedia projects area. The program premiered in September last year and, since then, has received big names from the country’s political and economic scene. The interview will be broadcast simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It will also gain versions for Instagram and LinkedIn.

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