Marlies Janssens is still active on three fronts with VDK Gent:
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Volleyball Liga A women VDK Gent

Marlies Janssens is still active on three fronts with VDK Gent: “Competition and cup are our preference, but it can also be great at European level.” © Nick Declercq


VDK Gent was able to turn a 2-0 deficit into a 2-3 victory in Genk on Saturday evening. Immediately the second five-setter in a row for the national champion who, all in all, still remains undefeated.

Dirk Van Bruysel

“On the one hand, we unexpectedly lost a point, but on the other hand, we knew in advance that it would be a difficult away game,” admits Marlies Janssens. “Genk immediately put us under pressure and won the first two sets. From the third set it went better and in the end we took three sets in a row. It is not the case that Limburg outclassed us, but we simply made too many individual mistakes, both in attack and reception. It was a game with many highs and lows. In the first two sets it was mainly the lows that dominated, but from the third set it went more smoothly, so that LVL Genk was behind the times.”

“We have to visit Tchalou next weekend and I don’t expect a walk-over there either,” warns Janssens. “There are simply no easy matches this season and you can see that when you take a closer look at the results. Last weekend, four of the five games ended on a five-setter, which means that the teams are evenly matched. An away match to Tchalou is no longer the same as a few years ago. Now we have to take into account that we will have to be at our best to bring the three points to Ghent.”

Strong competition

“That VDK Gent is aiming for several prizes this season? That is indeed true, especially in the cup, because we have not forgotten last year’s lost final”, Janssens shows feelings of revenge. “On the other hand, the road is still long. Ditto for a possible renewal of our title. After the first weeks of competition it is clear that Asterix Avo is coming out much better than last season. Last season was rather a transition year for the Waaslanders, but this season they are there again. Asterix Avo is the leader in the league for a reason. Oudegem also continues to grow. We beat them both for the Supercup and in the competition, but we needed five sets each time. Knowing that it is a young team that can still grow a lot, we have to stay on our guard. I also think that Hermes Ostend and Charleroi will also compete for a place in the play-offs. In recent weeks we have already gathered a lot of points, but that still means nothing. This year, more than ever, the shape of the day is decisive.”

VDK Gent is now still active on three fronts. “Competition and cup express our preference, but it can also be good in Europe. If the Champions League was a bit too ambitious, we would like to get one more round in the CEV Cup. If we can win against Zürich, a team with a lot of talent, then maybe a match against Oudegem is on the cards. A match between two Belgian teams with the quarterfinals at stake would be nice.”

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