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The actor, singer and protagonist of the play Kinky BootsMartín Bossi, spoke with Jorge Fontevecchia in Fontevecchia modeby Net TV Y Radius Profile (FM 101.9), and assured that “people have a great need to laugh, but they are more irritable”. He also acknowledged that he is open to having his own late night shows and that platforms are running the world. He also explained why theater and television are not compatible.

What is it like to return to the theater after the pandemic and fill the theaters?

I came back last year with my own show that had more to do with the development of the showman. I toured the whole country and was doing the summer season in Mar del Plata. I’m back from the pandemic and I see it as something past As for the theatre.

Is there a revival of Corrientes Street?

exponential, it is a craziness. When they began to reform the Corrientes Street I did theater and everything was broken, people complained about the plays and they ended up covering my mouth. Now it is beautiful and there are many people walking and going to the theater.

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Having imitated political leaders, when you listen to Cristina Kirchner, do you feel that she was frozen in time? Would you imitate her differently??

In these years there was an artistic evolution in my career. When I left television in 2009 I took off my masks and began to give an opinion about the world with my face and my soul. I stopped looking like myself to start being. I have no interest in copying anyone, I remember it with a smile. It was a very adolescent stage where he sought attention. I realize that they applauded me for being someone else. Political figures do not attract my attention.

Making people laugh, is it different today? Is there something symptomatic in your work in front of the public?

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine changed the world. People have a great need to laugh, but they are more irritable. Was a very big blow spend two years waxed by an illness.

Could it be a symptom of a search for other leaders?

Before the religions They controlled much more people. Now the businessmen manage social media. The world is run by the big platforms. The way of manipulating the customs of the people changed hands.

Juani Fernandez Juve (JFJ): Do you suffer from personal questions?

Not showing your private life is not showing it to the media. There are many careers that live almost parallel to their work and private life. It is a very common line in artists, they talk about their separation, their family, they show everything. That line was run and you don’t know what he lives on. I dedicated myself to study singing, dancing, clown, juggling, circus and piano. I’d rather they talk about what I invested in it.

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Being a versatile artist, did you ever think of your own TV show?

At the time I ran away from television because of the rating. Now with the platforms that have so much arrival I am seduced by the idea of ​​doing a late night show from Argentina to other countries. for a comedian don’t go through it audiovisual at some point in your life it is unavoidable. They offered it to me at other times and I said no, but now I don’t close the doors to having my show. Now I’m recording some chapters with Adrian Suarbut sharing television with theater is suicide. It is very demanding.


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