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The Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, affirmed this Wednesday, May 11 “it is unusual for it to be public” the internal in the Government that they maintain albertistas vs kirchneristas. Likewise, he completely dismissed the idea of ​​some liberals about dollarization: “It’s a delusion.”

The national official once again responded to the strong criticism of Kirchnerism that insists on removing him from the Economy portfolio in the face of President Alberto Fernández’s resistance. “There are differences of ideas and this debate takes place. It is unusual for it to be public. Also with central issues where there are points in common, such as the role of the State”, she said in an interview with TN.

Cristina Kirchner has Martín Guzmán in her sights.

Guzmán: “Dollarizing is a delusion”

When asked about the proposal of some liberal leaders to dollarize the Argentine economy, he said: “It is giving up the possibility of seriously building a Nation State. It is accepting defeat as a country. You have to act with common sense.”

Guzmán before the US Chamber of Commerce: “We must build common sense in Argentina”


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