Martin Guzman and Kristalina Georgieva.  The economist said that there was a break before the agreement with the IMF.
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Martin Guzman, the former Minister of Economy, He spoke about his departure from the Government, which happened last July. In this context, he referred to the why did you make the decision and what were the higher tensions who lived in the last stretches occupying that role.

The The economist highlighted that there was a break with Kirchnerism before the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. He specifically said that Cristina Kirchner stopped responding four days before the signing of the agreement. “I called his secretary or his environment and they didn’t answer me. Since then never speak again until today”, he commented in dialogue with Neura Media.

Martin Guzman and Kristalina Georgieva. The economist said that there was a break before the agreement with the IMF. (LV/)

“At that moment Alberto ruled and drove and Cristina ran. We spent a semester negotiating an agreement that the leader of the front did not support. That had an impact on political stability. and in the ability to manage,” said Guzmán. And he added that “If the agreement was led by Cristina, she would have filled the Plaza de Mayo with banners saying that he twisted the arm of the IMF”.

“It is difficult to accept speculative positions when they oppose what the homeland needs. There were tensions, I have no doubts”, he stated in reference to the Vice President. In addition, she pointed out that the agreement defined one of two paths: a refinancing or going into default. “The default was adjustment and La Cámpora wanted adjustment”he emphasized.

In that line, I point against the leader of the organization, Máximo Kirchner. “He acted like a capricious boy that asked for the impossible. At the time asked for a 40-year agreement with the IMF and there was no way to fix that,” he said, in relation to the resignation of the Vice President’s son as head of the bloc of National Deputies of the Front of All.

About La Cámpora he added: “They publicly called for him to leave the government and they raised false things like saying that there was an adjustment ”. Likewise, he highlighted that Cristina Kirchner gives her son “a power that he is not able to exercise in a responsible way”.

Alberto Fernández knew that Martín Guzmán would resign

Guzman commented that there were officials who did not respond to his instructions and that this resulted in “economic policy becoming extremely difficult.” “I’ve told them that If we didn’t put the economy in order, an exchange rate run was going to come and the run came. I saw things that the President could not see, ”he said.

Regarding his conversations with Alberto Fernández, he commented: “I asked the President that if they did not give me the minimum instruments to manage, we were not going to be able to stop a new currency run which would lead to a economic crisis”.

Martín Guzmán told what he spoke with Alberto Fernández.

Martín Guzmán told what he spoke with Alberto Fernández. (LV/)

And added that He finished defining his resignation after a meeting with the president of the Central Bank was canceled of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), Miguel Ángel Pesce. “I sent a message (to Alberto Fernández), I thanked him for the trust and that as I had told him I was going to resign and would make it public. He replied to the message and I later published it, ”she explained.

There was no more time to wait for the resignation because if it was not that Saturday all the imbalances kept accumulating and Argentina was going to an economic and social crisis”, he commented on why he published his resignation in parallel to an act in which Cristina Kirchner was speaking. “What I did was an act of responsibility”, he emphasized, but acknowledged that “The ideal would have been to make the decision on Friday at the close of the market.

Guzmán said that he spoke with Alberto Fernández on Sundaya day after his resignation, in which he told him that “he could help him.” “I know that he wants the best for the Argentine people,” he stressed.

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