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The senator from Evolution, Martin Lousteauconfirmed this Thursday, May 5, that it will be “candidate for head of the Buenos Aires Government” in 2023with the aim of being the successor of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta.

Lousteau assured that he has “a complementary vision to the things that the PRO did”, in relation to the policies that must be implemented in the district, but he clarified that it will have “different priorities”.

“Since 2015 I have had aspirations. We have a vision that is complementary, many times, with the things that the PRO did with different priorities. I I am going to be a candidate for head of the Buenos Aires Government“, indicated the senator in statements to the cable signal LN+.

Lousteau: “The candidate for president of Together for Change will be defined in the PASO”

In that sense, he ruled out a presidential fight by assuring: “I see many thinking that the way to influence the national is to be a candidate for president and I think not, that it is to have plans, people and political volume. We have candidates.”

In any case, he maintained that the candidate for president of Together for Change will be defined in the PASO of 2023 and avoided expressing himself on the incorporation of the deputy of La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei to the opposition coalition.

Lousteau begins to walk the City with his sights set on 2023

In reference to a possible candidacy of the former national president Mauricio Macri considered that he has “an important legacy that was to build a political force from scratch, he governed the city of Buenos Aires for eight years, he beat Kirchnerism and later, when he lost the elections, he left standing a political force with the 41 percent that he put limits in Congress to many projects” of the Front of All.

In addition, he added that Macri is a “strong political actor with density and weight abroad,” although rejected the photo that was taken with Donald Trumpas did the leader of the Civic Coalition Elisa Carrió.

Martin Lousteau.

“When we look at what happened in the United States, there is significant institutional and democratic degradation. In the United States there are analysts who say that they are about to have a civil war,” he assessed.

The former presidents Trump and Macri They shared a lunch earlier this month at the former US president’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.


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