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Martina Cariddi, “Mencía” from “Elite”, was shown in a natural bikini and sowed debate

Martina Cariddi and Carla Díaz on vacation in Ibiza

These days, the Spanish actress Martina Cardidiknown for her character as a rebellious teenager in the series Elite (Netflix), enjoy a dream vacation in Ibiza with his friends and castmates, Carla Diaz and Manu Rios.

With 2.6 million followers On Instagram, Martina Cariddi is active on her networks and enjoys sharing her work, as well as fun moments with friends.

Martina Cariddi and Carla Díaz on vacation in Ibiza

In one of the photos she posted on her account, the actress is seen with the orange hair and wearing a red bikini, and at the bottom a pareo. However, what most caught the attention of her followers was that the actress reveals her unshaven armpits.

Martina Cariddi on the beach

Increasingly the social movement, “body-positive” is taking greater representation in the cinema and in the series. There are already many actresses who fight because their bodies are shown as they are on the screen.

Martina Cariddi in Ibiza

“Shave”, “That wing armpits are disgusting, it is not because I am a woman, but because it is unhygienic”, were some of the comments that the publication received. Despite the criticism that she receives, Carddi does not hide and thus reaffirms it in numerous photos of her Instagram account.

Why Martina Cariddi does not shave

The Elite actress revealed that she considered stopping shaving at the age of 14, since she would only do it for a personal decision and not as a social imposition.

This philosophy also carried her into her professional life, becoming the first actress to show armpit hair in the Spanish series.

Martina Cardidi
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