Comic book arc, Secret Wars, must be the next big saga of the MCU

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has promised that the next big MCU saga will be revealed soon. As Phase 4 draws to a close, the executive commented that fans already have an idea of ​​what the future origin story of the comics will be brought to the screen.

Such speech heats up rumors about the arrival of an adaptation of secret warsdue to clues left in recent films and series by the studio.

The arc in question refers to the crossover in the publisher’s pages, released in 2015. The plot revolves around cosmic events responsible for the so-called incursions, a kind of clash between different realities that causes the destruction of worlds. In the MCU, this concept was introduced in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and soon it should become the main threat of the screen universe.

Comic book arc, Secret Wars, must be the next big saga of the MCUSource: Marvel

“As we approach the end of Phase 4, people will start to see where the next saga is going. I think there are already many clues about these directions. We will be a little more direct about this in the coming months, to show the public what our plans are,” Feige said in an interview with Total Film.

In this way, details about the future of the MCU, both in theaters and in Disney+ productions, should be disclosed at well-known pop culture events. While the studio has confirmed its presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, scheduled for late July, the biggest announcements are expected to take place in September, during D23.

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