Maria Mashkova has been living in Los Angeles for several years

Maria Mashkova has been living in Los Angeles for several years

37-year-old Russian actress Maria Mashkova has been living in Los Angeles for several years. She was taken to America by her husband, an American of Russian origin, a former pianist, and now a businessman, actor and screenwriter Alexander Slobodyanik Jr. (son of the famous pianist Alexander Slobodyanik). The couple is raising two children. Alexander is slowly developing his acting career, playing small roles in such large projects as The Americans, Motherland, etc.

But his wife Masha is stubbornly unlucky in American cinema. In an interview with Yuri Dudyu *, the actress admitted that she had accumulated a thick folder with tests that she failed. “I cried and screamed, portrayed a bad Russian, and such a prostitute, I showed everything that I was capable of, but no …,” says Mashkova.

For the time being, she had shootings in Russia. “It was my support chair,” says the actress. Every year in Russia there were 3-4 projects with her participation. However, now you have to forget about filming at home. Moreover, it was the choice of Mashkova herself. Unlike her father, she did not support the military operation in Ukraine and, in protest, refused to shoot in the series for the Russia 1 channel (the project was already half shot). Naturally, the actress, who defiantly disrupted the shooting, will not be invited to new series and films. The daughter’s political position did not find understanding with Vladimir Mashkov: Maria and her father actually stopped communicating.

The actress admitted that at the moment she is sitting on her husband’s neck and does not earn at all. She admits that if her career in America finally goes to dust, she will have to retrain as a nurse. After all, for all the time of her life overseas, she managed to get only a tiny role in the British TV series McMafia.

True, everything can change the American science fiction thriller “ISS” (ISS) directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, the shooting of which has already been completed. This is a story about the confrontation between the United States and Russia on the International Space Station. According to the plot, a nuclear war broke out on Earth, and American and Russian cosmonauts in orbit received the same commands from their governments: to capture the ISS …

Mashkova received an offer to star in this project unexpectedly: she was told that the previously approved actress could not act. Only on the set, Maria found out that this role was originally intended for Evgenia Brik, who at that time was already seriously ill. It was Brik who, a year before her death (she died on February 10, 2022), advised the director to invite Maria for this role.

“Zhenya and I were good friends, but she decided not to tell me about it,” Mashkov was amazed at the nobility of her colleague.

The filming process in America, according to her, is very different from how it is organized in Russia: in the USA, everyone is maximally assembled and carefully prepared, while in Russia she has repeatedly observed how actors learn the text only while sitting in the make-up chair. And once a certain Russian director admitted to Mashkova right on the set that he had not read the script.

*recognized as a foreign agent


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