Mass introduction of artificial intelligence in all industries.  Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare an updated strategy for the development of artificial intelligence in the country
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The head of state drew attention to the fact that Russia’s achievements in the field of artificial intelligence are receiving great attention abroad. “In some areas in this area, we are one step ahead of some other countries, and we need to step up our efforts,” he stressed.

Putin acknowledged that the rivalry between countries in the field of artificial intelligence is fierce, therefore, what results Russia achieves will determine its place in the world, sovereignty, security and viability, the ability to solve the problems of economic, industrial, social development at a qualitatively new level, create broad conditions for self-realization of citizens, for launching public initiatives.

In his opinion, our business technology community, which created the Alliance of Companies in the field of artificial intelligence, shows a distinctive example of self-organization. On his initiative, ethical principles for the development and implementation of this technology have been developed, and more than 120 participants have already joined the corresponding code of ethics. “The task of a new stage in the horizon of the current decade is to ensure the mass introduction of artificial intelligence. It should cover all sectors of the economy and the social sphere, the public administration system,” Vladimir Putin continued. In this regard, he instructed his administration, the government and an alliance of IT companies to prepare an updated strategy for the development of artificial intelligence in the country.

In some areas in this area, we are one step ahead of some other countries, and we definitely need to step up our efforts.

To switch to a modern management model, he says, one needs readiness, maturity, as well as certain basic conditions.

The first is the use of advanced lean manufacturing approaches, which are aimed at building optimal procedures and processes and reducing losses. After all, if you digitize chaos, you get digital chaos.

The second is the project management system. In its absence, an attempt at any change may end in failure, a clear statement of the task and deadlines for its implementation, a focus on a specific achievable result and providing it with the necessary resources are needed, the president explained. He emphasized that the use of a data-driven model means that decision-making is largely non-intuitive, although this is also important.

Putin asked the government and the State Council, as part of the work on digital transformation, to prepare and then implement the transition of the entire system of state power at the federal and regional levels to a data-based management model using a platform approach. In addition, he proposed expanding the mandate of the Federal Competence Center in the field of labor productivity so that it would focus on the implementation of AI and modern management systems in the sectors of the economy, the social sphere and in government at all levels. The president named Moscow as an example for other regions, which has taken a cardinal step forward in the field of digital transformation of many areas of the urban economy. He asked Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov to use the State Council platform to spread their experience in applying the latest technologies throughout the country.

Separately, Vladimir Putin dwelled on the impact of the introduction of AI and robotization on employment. He is confident that this will not lead to an increase in unemployment. The introduction of the necessary systems and industrial robots, as well as automated workplaces, should reduce the volume of routine functions, minimize human work in hazardous and hazardous areas of production. “The emergence of new, more creative, meaningful, interesting professions, highly qualified jobs – this is what smart, timely, prepared work in this direction leads to,” the Russian leader explained.

Vladimir Putin also called on the State Duma to pass a law on access to anonymized data as soon as possible. He believes that the authorities need to take into account the fears of citizens and businesses about access to data and create strong guarantees for the protection of rights and freedoms, but at the same time move forward. “Including I ask the alliance to think about how best to build mechanisms so that developers get exactly the data and in the amount they need to create machine learning solutions,” the president set the task.

In addition, the head of state called for the creation of an international payment system based on digital currency and blockchain technologies, independent of banks and interference from third countries. He cited as an example the eastern hawala system, which provided mutual settlements long before the advent of banks and still works. It is necessary to adopt all the best and advanced technologies, but not blindly copy what they do “over the hill”, but offer their own. The President is convinced that this is the only way Russia will be able to build a new high-tech economy – techno-economy.

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