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The murder of the three young men occurred in front of a park in the La Revolución neighborhood of Buga, where the population is still dismayed by the fact.

According to BluRadiothe events occurred when the victims were conversing and were intercepted by armed men, who shot them and fled the site.

Who were killed in massacre in Buga?

The radio station indicated that the victims of the multiple murder were:

  • Bryan Stevens Rodriguez, 18 years old.
  • German Valdez Rhodes, 19 years old.
  • Jean Pierbi Cardona, 25 years old.

Besides, a 16-year-old boy was seriously injured.

The authorities, quoted by the radio frequency, indicated that one of the alleged perpetrators was captured. At the moment, investigations are continuing to determine the motives for the attack.

Blu points out that the main hypothesis points to a reckoning; There is also talk of territorial control by micro-trafficking.

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El País, from Cali, meanwhilestated that the crime It happened last Friday around 9:00 at night.

Colonel Ever Yovanni Gómez, commander in charge of the Valle del Cauca Police, told the newspaper that the young people were taken to a care center where “They died from the seriousness of their injuries.”

The under 16-year-old had to undergo surgery and has a guarded prognosis.

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