Máté Járai: "We have tied up our sex slaves"

Máté Járai often makes headlines with the secrets of the bedroom, but he has now shown a whole different side in the podcast. It turned out, for example, that the best thing about a pump is when it encounters that Hungarians are simply unable to stand in line. Neither in the store nor at the post office do they care if someone is already there, constantly looking for an opportunity to intrude.

In the same way, on the roads, they are not able to let the other one forward by car. Unfortunately, this also brings out the worst in Matthew, and many times he also behaves in the way that annoys him the most. This is how a pandur becomes a robber.

Márkó was stuck in the institution of safety squirting. I recently read an article that says we need to train our bladders and not let the urge to pee be the boss. Unfortunately, the same thing happens to him as before, only with remorse for the toilet. Brunette is embarrassed to be knocked on the public toilet. In that case, he can’t even answer properly, he just grumbles something. Matthew’s advice for these cases is to make him moan, for it can be anything and will surely deter the knocking spirit.

Her brown nerves are usually battered by theatrical roar. You can’t stand it if the roar doesn’t look real and its volume is the same as the volume of speech. Matthew apologized on behalf of all the actors and modestly remarked that he would certainly not be his own favorite actor.

In fact, he wouldn’t sit in a piece for himself. Fortunately, there are others who will do it for you.

He talked about who he was thinking about during sex to divert his attention and thus prolong togetherness.

Márkó mentioned four phases (Paris bun wrapped in a napkin, MÁV imitation leather train seat, a piece of crumb in the beard of Fekete Szaláll, or his former class teacher who smoked cigarettes in the ceremony). Matthew swears to change position. As a result of a misunderstanding, he then blurted out that he had already been involved in bondage sex, and he and his wife detained their guests for a week so that they could be their sexual slaves. Of course, he was just kidding, but he was able to classify the abrasions caused by the different ropes accurately.

Matthew is terribly paprika when someone says:

you know, i’m such a maximalist.

According to him, this sentence implies that everyone other than him is unassuming and unable to do his job properly. He says this actually means that the person is more compliant with compliance, only he or she has not yet realized it. The fact that someone is on stage when they know the text and they have practiced the gestures, the movements, the minimum necessary, is very annoying to listen to. According to Barna, Márkó is at least as annoying when he talks about his OCD, which means that everyone except him is messy and unpretentious. After some bickering, they agreed that all three of them would hate it if they “couldn’t talk to someone before their first coffee in the morning.” Marko calls these people the Aftermath Captains. At least as badly, when someone is constantly opposed, whatever one says to them, they always just deny and correct it. Such conversations can only be survived, enjoyed in no way.

Matthew responds to all comments. He tries to stay calm and seeks peace, but he can’t do it if the comments specifically call for his death. He also read some amazingly evil posts on the show.

According to him, it is not right that the comments are so overrated, and you can get on the front page by saying that “commentators hate Máté Járai”.

This is obviously not the case, you can capture both good and bad, but it doesn’t hurt to realize that some of the reactions are actually hate crimes.

In addition to these, the lies of the common blanket, the annoyingly excessive mania of Matthew and Mark, the vegan mountain dweller, and which men can and do not go to the women’s toilet were also discussed. For fans of neurotics, this podcast episode is a must-have.

(Cover image: Máté Járai. Photo: Tamás Gerencsér / Index)

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