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On the second day of Dut’s Fan Fest, the public arrived early to follow the game and celebrate the Brazilian victory

By Suzana Serviam | 11/25/2022 08:20

Second day of Dut’s Fan Fest had soccer and Matuê fans. People arrived just before 3 pm this Thursday (25) to watch Brazil’s first game against Serbia in the World Cup. It was beautiful to see the audience celebrating the victory together and releasing all the tension in the show. Even the security guards had a lot of work to contain crazed fans who tried to break through the barriers, several times, to get closer to the trap and rap singer.

Pietro was really lucky, who, accompanied by his parents, was in a place where it was not possible to see the artist properly, so Lado B managed to bring him as close as possible to the stage. There was another very lucky duo who gained access to take a photo with the artist and, when they came face to face with Matuê, they even had no reaction. The musician did not want to speak to the press and attended only 20 fans after the show.

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